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What is a marketing plan and why do I need one?

So, you had this great idea for a start up business. You secured some funding to help get your start up off the ground and are chomping at the bit to go. Then someone says, "what's your marketing plan?" (Sound of a needle scratching across an album here).

What's a marketing plan?

What's a marketing plan?


If you're starting a new business, a marketing plan is essential for success. Marketing plans help identify who your target customers are and how to engage and retain this customer base. Marketing plans contain unique selling tactics that clearly illustrates what sets you apart from your competition. Because let's face it: there will always be competition no matter what market you're in. 


Marketing plans typically contain a distribution plan - how you will get your product or service to your customers - as well as plans for offering deals. Some deals companies typically offer are things like free trials, free estimates, give-aways, contests, referral rewards and package discounts for purchases in bulk. Marketing plans also usually contain ideas for marketing materials, or the actual ways your customers will learn about your business. These include your web site, print media, and other promotional materials. 

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