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Like Rain On Your Wedding Day: Rachelle and Chris, Part 2

So, cue the music...except ... the rain kept toying with plans for walking down the aisle. Finally, the bride gave the go-ahead for the outdoor ceremony her heart was set on, and the groom walked to the alter with the officiant at 4:51 - just 21 minutes after the intended start time. 

Chris told me he didn't want to look at his bride until the minute she appeared at the alter. He nervously awaited her arrival. 

The wedding party procession began with the best man, Chris's brother Robbie, and Maid of Honor, Cameron first. 

Chris swore he wouldn't cry when he saw his bride for the first time, but I think he had tears in his eyes before he even turned to see her. I was glad I had the camera in front of my face to shield anyone seeing my own tears! It was hard to resist and the love Chris had for Rachelle was evident. 

Both of the bride's parents gave her away - something I thought was classy.

The wedding officiant said the bride and groom wanted just a few things for their special day. The first was to keep it simple and short. Another was for everyone to pray. 

Rachelle is a quiet person. Some might find her shy, but she isn't when it comes to voicing her opinion. She has a way of looking up through her eyelashes coyly when nervous that has become what I know to be a Rachelle trademark look. She didn't disappoint to flash this classic Rachelle-esque look during the ceremony either. 

The couple exchanged rings...

...and a kiss...

...and within 15 minutes, they were husband and wife! 

The wedding party, no doubt relieved that the rain held off!

I have so many photos to edit from this beautiful wedding, but here are some posed shots immediately following the ceremony. 

"Pulled Apart"

"Through the doorway"



"Bouquet Toast"